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Roadstar Caravans


At Roadstar we know that the needs of the market are as diverse as the people who enjoy the caravan lifestyle. It is because of this that Roadstar continue to give three choices of structural build to our consumers. We have excelled in building our caravans for more than 30 years and achieved the highest level of excellence in our build process.

Firstly, at Roadstar our traditional timber frame build is something that our company have successfully built and utilised for many years and will continue to build for the foreseeable future. Classed as a soft to firm hardwood, meranti is generally not prone to warping or twisting. It is a relatively easy timber to work with and it has good nailing, gluing and screwing properties. It is also said to be ‘dimensionally stable’, meaning it will hold its measurements when exposed to variations of humidity and temperature.

Roadstar builds caravans to suit all needs and budgets. From our GT Classic to the off-road Safari Tamer, and everything in between – Ken Nizam

All of this combines to make meranti timber a solid base for our caravan’s outer structure. Roadstar have a slightly more flexible approach when it comes to customising the layout of a new caravan when built traditionally. However this is still subject to design and engineering approval.

Our aluminium frame is crafted by engineers and welders with decades of experience and provides an extremely sturdy structural build. We have acquired a state of the art aircraft grade Henrob self piercing riveting machine, giving our aluminium frames a definitive advantage over others.

Aluminium frames offer a weight advantage in comparison with our wood framed vans, this is important in our caravans today, as our bigger off-road models are becoming incredibly popular. Every kilogram that can be saved in our construction can make a big difference to a vans performance and usability.

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Roadstar are market leaders in complete sandwich panel construction and the use of vacuum moulding on our caravans. The fibreglass sandwich panel construction will withstand all of Australia’s weather extremes, from the tropics of far North Queensland to the winter cold of Tasmania. Our construction consists of a one piece front roof and back.

The fibreglass panels on our caravans have an extrusion foam core. Roadstar has found extrusion foam to be more durable and much more thermally efficient than traditional expansion foam. Sandwich panel vans are built from the inside out in order to make wiring and plumbing connections easier. The body is essentially three pieces: two side walls and a one-piece front, roof and rear, all tightly bonded and then sealed with Sikaflex. In the Roadstar Sirius range, the walls are 29mm and the floor is a huge 44mm thick. This gives our caravans amazing thermal properties, making them ideal for travelling in extreme climates. They are much less likely to be damaged by hail. In fact, some insurance companies will offer discounted premiums if the van is constructed from fibreglass sandwich panels. This makes our vans ideal for those looking to live full time in a caravan.

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                      ‘It’s the fit and finish that Roadstar is most proud of, our build materials integrate seamlessly into our caravans.”

The entire Roadstar Caravans range has been designed for customer safety first and foremost. No matter which choice of build you decide on, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is being built by industry professionals and a company that stands by its company ethos of quality without exception.

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