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2013 is an exciting year for Caravan World magazine, with the announcement of their inaugural Best Aussie Vans awards.

In the hope of making the decision for potential customers to buy a caravan just that little bit easier, Caravan World has taken on the challenge to create a showcase test of the newest rigs on the Australian market. Not until now has any RV publication in this country attempted such a comprehensive and logistically huge event.

The team at Caravan World – in conjunction with Tim Smith and Brooke Hanson from Discover Downunder – have been ridiculously busy testing some of the best caravans and pop-tops on the market as part of the new competition (the biggest of its kind in the country).

They travelled to Bluegums Riverside Holiday Park – in a picturesque part of Eildon, rural Victoria, nestled on 20 acres beside the mighty Goulburn River – and tested 13 caravans divided into four categories over seven days. Each caravan was a top-shelf representation of what’s available on the market.


  • Best pop-top caravan
  • Best caravans: $50,000 - $65,000
  • Best caravans: $65,000 - $80,000
  • Best luxury caravans: $80,000+


  1. Value for Money
    Does this van offer genuine value for money?
  2. Towability
    Does the van tow steady and true, or is it wandering all over the road?
  3. Setting Up and Hitching Up
    Is it easy or unnecessarily fiddly? Has 21st century technology been employed to get you relaxing faster?
  4. Suitability for Intended Touring
    Does the van do what it says on the box? Is it adequately fitted out and built for what its builder claims?
  5. Layout
    Is the van visually appealing inside? Has enough thought gone into the layout for easy, convenient touring? Is there enough storage, and is it designed sensibly?
  6. Quality of Finish
    Whether it has a fibreglass finish or aluminium cladding, is there enough attention to detail? How does the upholstery rate? The cabinetry?
  7. Build Quality
    Will the van fall apart at the first corrugation, or is it a well-built rig?
  8. Creature Comforts
    How does the van rate in terms of modern conveniences?
  9. Innovation
    Is there anything new and exciting about the design or build? Has the manufacturer employed something you haven’t seen before, and is it effective?
  10. X-Factor
    Finally - the WOW factor!


  • Max Taylor - Editor of Caravan World 
  • Laura Keys - Deputy Editor of Caravan World 
  • Malcolm Street - Field Editor of Caravan World 
  • Philip Lord - Tow-Tester & Resident Technology Expert at Caravan World

And in amongst it all, Discover Downunder hosts Tim Smith and Brooke Hanson accompanied each tester from van to van, asking all the important questions for the cameras.

…and why is this also exciting for us here at Roadstar™?

Because our all-new Safari Tamer has been nominated in the Best Luxury Vans category!

So wish us luck – we’ll be sure to post the results when they come in!

They say opposites attract – and when they do, magic happens. That’s exactly what brought about the design of the all-new Roadstar™ Voyager. Combining stylish sophistication together with the capacity for exhilarating exploration has created a caravan that combines all the comforts of a prestige caravan with the semi off-road capabilities needed to properly explore roads less travelled.
It’s true what they say – good things really do come in small packages. And the all-new Roadstar™ Little Rippa is no exception. Perfect for couples and shorter trips, the Little Rippa boasts all the perks you’d expect in a far larger caravan. Come and say hello.