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Most travellers are enchanted by the idea of living a carefree, nomadic lifestyle. The idea of setting aside your day-to-day commitments to travel wherever the mood takes you is undoubtedly a tempting one.

You might think caravanning is for a certain type of person; “grey nomads” is the term that gets thrown around a lot, describing mature travellers who have packed up their homes to enjoy their retirement on the open road. But is caravanning the new perfect getaway for young people?

There’s more to caravanning than meets the eye and many of the perks of holidaying in a caravan appeal to both older and younger travellers:


You can travel for as long or short a time as you wish and either stay in a holiday park with fellow travellers and amenities, or hit the road less travelled and go off-roading to find your own perfectly secluded spot to set up – the possibilities really are limitless!


Caravanning holidays are much cheaper than holidays abroad once the initial investment in the van itself, which becomes an asset, is made. Setting up in a caravan park is cheaper than a hotel (and setting up on your site in the bush is free!), driving is cheaper than flying and you won’t have to worry about exchanging currency.

Preplanning your trip will mean you can take everything with you, giving you all the comforts of home without the expensive hotel suite price tag for every night you’re away. Packing smart will let you leave unnecessary bulk that will add to weight and fuel consumption at home (saving you even more money).


With beautiful weather, stunning scenery exciting activities to take part in all over Australia. Whether you prefer staying by the coast, near a big city or in rural areas, you can plan your route to include caravan sites and locations that suit you.

And the great thing about caravanning is that you bring your home with you – there’s no need to worry about trying to pitch a tent in the pouring rain or pay for expensive hotel rooms.

For all these reasons and more, caravanning is fast becoming a trendy option for young people looking to get away on a holiday.

With the winter frost slowly melting behind us, spring has sprung and we’re looking ahead to the warmer months bringing new opportunities for caravanning adventures all over this exciting country of ours. With every kilometre bringing new natural wonders to see and explore, Australia really is a gorgeous place to be an RV fanatic.
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