About Roadstar Caravans


Roadstar Caravans came into being with a simple yet powerful vision; To create true luxury for Australian travellers. We offer holidaymakers a unique opportunity to explore Australia’s legendary landscape in style, comfort and safety. Each Roadstar caravan is fitted with the latest in styling, technology and innovation.

Roadstar caravans


Roadstar has been building caravans for 30 years. However, in 2009, the company was sold to Australian Hitec Engineering, a specialist chassis manufacturer that has been a part of the caravan industry for 45 years. We combined our decades of experience with staff who have been with Roadstar from the very beginning.  This enabled us to amalgamate our vision and technological know-how, to build contemporary, top-quality caravans that are acknowledged as being amongst the best in Australia.

Roadstar caravans


We have invested in industry-leading technology and a highly skilled workforce, to enable us to produce expertly designed and manufactured caravans. With a range that continues to grow, we are committed to our vision, our range and our customers – we will continue to push the bounds of innovation & create comfortable, stylish caravans to suit all caravanners. We will provide opportunities for our community where possible as we believe Australian manufacturing deserves to be protected.


Our new state of the art factory utilises the latest in manufacturing technology, allowing our skilled craftsman to create bespoke caravans for our customers.

Roadstar caravans are not mass produced; You can see and feel the precision engineering, attention to detail and care that goes into each and every one of our caravans.

Roadstar caravans
Roadstar caravans


We aim to minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible and are proud to have well-established green initiatives at our sites.

As an active voice in the caravanning community, we advocate for and encourage our customers to adopt Leave No Trace practices when travelling to help keep Australia beautiful.

Roadstar caravans


We believe that business success is not measured purely in financial terms, making meaningful contributions to the community is an important part of why we are in business.

we are proud to provide ongoing support for national charities such as Bully Zero Australia Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

– Made to order, not mass produced
– Feature the best appliances, high-quality materials and modern fittings
– Customisable to your specifications
– Engineered aluminium frames are available on all models

– Built with State-of-the-art manufacturing processes using the latest technology
– Extensive range of options for suspension ideal for travelling on-road or off-road.
– Floor plans are designed to maximise comfort, usability and space
– Readily available spare parts, unlike with some imported caravans

– Furniture is built using top-grade lightweight plywood – no MDF or chipboard is used anywhere
– All models are built on a Hitec chassis, covered by a three-year warranty
– Compliant with Australian industry standards
– Excellent resale value when its time to upgrade!