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Caravan World Review – Roadstar Little Rippa

Maintaining a competitive edge is one of the toughest challenges facing caravan manufacturers today. Caravan World spoke about to our director Ken Nizam, who spent two years in research and development reworking Roadstar’s entire caravan range from the ground up, introducing new materials, manufacturing techniques and finishes to keep Roadstar’s products at the top of the game.

It’s hard to fault the Little Rippa. The time and effort that have been invested in rebirthing the range has paid dividends. The enhancements in design, materials and manufacturing techniques have yielded a quality product immediately evident to those who take a look.

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If a tree falls in the bush on a Roadstar™ caravan...
While holidaying in Inskip Point in south-east Queensland, Roadstar™ customers Roxy and Alan were enjoying their home away from home when they were surprised by a loud crash - the gumtree next to them dropped a broken branch on the roof of their caravan!
2017 Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow
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