Luxury style, quality finish
& freedom of choice:

the Roadstar™ experience

Roadstar™ has long set the industry benchmark for caravan design and manufacturing throughout Australia, never compromising on quality, craftsmanship or innovation. 

Custom designed to suit any lifestyle, all of the models in our extensive range combine state-of-the-art features according to our clients’ unique needs.

Our investment in new technologies has given us innovative production systems capable of fitting out our caravans with the highest quality custom enhancements.

Safety, expert craftsmanship and quality assurance take centre stage during the rigorous inspections conducted throughout the production phase.

Backed by superior customer service, we remain committed to satisfying each client's desire to create their own unique 
home away from home.




At Roadstar™, we continuously exceed industry standards through our efforts to provide quality and excellence to hundreds of Australian travellers every year.

Through quality workmanship and innovative technology, we create the perfect custom-built caravan for your adventure, combining:

  • Quality materials
  • Careful attention to detail
  • Skilled craftsmen
  • Independent assessment audits
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and technology
  • Innovative designs


Professional designs
Our sophisticated floor plans are ergonomically designed to maximise comfort, useability and space.

Quality materials
Choosing to install nothing but top-quality fittings, we include the finest appliances, 

Premium chassis
enjoys a siginificant advantage in the marketplace due to the superior quality of our chassis, made possible through the joint ownership of Australian Hitec Engineering by the Roadstar™ family.

With a longstanding reputation for producing top-quality chassis for caravans around the country, an Australian Hitec Engineering chassis forms the basis for every Roadstar™; 100% Australian made in-house, in our own manufacturing plants.

Every Roadstar™ caravan chassis is engineered from BHP dual grade high tensil steel, designed and assembled to perfection. Due to the unparalleled precision of our manufacturing, the flooring of our caravans does not need to be sanded back or altered in shape; we ensure the caravan body is fitted perfectly to the chassis every time, preventing squeaking and other faults related to sub-par worksmanship.

As the foundation of the caravan, all our chassis and bumper bars are not only Australian made in-house, and of exceptional strength and quality, but engineer-certified to comply with the national Australian Design Rules (ADRs) standards.

When a road vehicle is first used on Australian roads the relevant state or territory government’s legislation generally requires its ongoing compliance with relevant ADRs as at the time of manufacture.

We are proud to deliver peace of mind through our quality craftsmanship, perfect symmetry and finish evident in every caravan we design, build and sell.

100% weatherproof
Each caravan is fitted with the finest waterproofing sealants to ensure your van remains completely weatherproof. We have worked exclusively with Novatio to develop an MS polymer adhesive sealant that has been specifically designed for the unique requirements of Roadstar caravans. This flexible, premium sealant binds instantly, meaning that each Roadstar™ caravan is fully protected from the minute it’s applied.

Stylish furnishings
Our ergonomically-designed furniture is as stylish as it is comfortable, and is available in a range of upholstery options; from top grain leather, to leather look Annahide and a selection of fabrics unique colours and beautiful patterns.


Unrivalled customer support
We offer unprecedented customer support before, during and long after you purchase our quality caravans.

Dedicated to environmentalism
From our manufacturing techniques, to the practices of our staff within our business locations, all the way through to our involvement in the caravanning lifestyle within Australia, Roadstar™ practices responsible environmental harm minimisation. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment whenever possible, which is why we encourage all caravan enthusiasts to adopt Leave No Trace practices when travelling to help keep Australia beautiful.

Supporting local suppliers & employees
Australian manufacturing deserves to be successful, and be protected. This is why we make a concious effort to select local suppliers and support local jobs - our caravans are premium quality because we choose to work with the best materials and the best people, providing opportunities for the local community wherever we can.


At Roadstar™, we understand that ensuring a smooth ride – in every sense – is the key to any successful road trip. For this reason, we offer a choice of suspension systems for each of our caravans. Whether destined for on or off-road travel, each and every Roadstar™ caravan is matched with the right suspension solution


Simplicity independent suspension is renowned for both its pure ingenuity and superior safety features. 

The independent single system has been designed to distribute weight evenly over both wheels to reduce impacts and smooth your towing experience. 

Its unique load-sharing system is perfect for travelling over rough terrain, as well as providing extra safety at high speeds on sealed roads.

Vehicle Components

Vehicle Components coil suspension is the modern day answer for load protection and tow ability. The design incorporates a special twin rate spring system. Initially the coil provides the springing, then as the coil takes up the load a specially designed polyurethane spring guide comes into play.

More than just a bump stop, this design registered feature provides a secondary higher spring rate for greater control at high loads.

It truly comes into its own when used in harsh conditions, particularly on outback roads. In the unlikely event of a spring failure the control arm and wheel remain in the normal running position. The internal bump stops can then act as a limp home safe mode to get to the next repair facility.

Regardless of which system is fitted to your Roadstar™, the suspension actively works to:

  • Eliminate axle steer
  • Reduce tail sway
  • Increase tyre life
  • Offer greater fuel economy
  • Promote safer, smoother towing
  • Dramatically cut body roll
  • Reduce pitching
  • Provide a smoother ride
  • Instil greater driver confidence
  • Improve the resale value of your caravan